CKNW Talk Radio 980 AM, Vancouver, B.C.

CKNW Talk Radio stream Vancouver

CKNW 980 AM is Vancouver, B.C.’s most listened to talk radio station. The station offers a mix of local and international news along with local and internationally syndicated radio talk shows. As Canadian politics vary quite a bit from their larger neighbor to the south, you won’t find the usual fare of syndicated conservative talk show hosts on this station. In this respect, CKNW is a rich source of original talk radio programming that you won’t find broadcast anywhere in the U.S.

CKNW’s talk radio shows cover a quite diverse amount of territory including business programming, natural health, home finance as well as local topics. Syndicated programs include Coast To Coast AM with George Noory and the TED Radio Show. A large amount of archived programming is also available in the way of streaming podcasts.

CKNW’s AM Radio signal is quite strong through most of British Columbia and the northwestern United States. The station’s 50,000 WATT transmitter uses an antenna array that aims much of the signal to the north-east of Vancouver though, so night time reception of the station is limited in the U.S. It’s frequency of 980 KHz is also shared by a number of other stations in the U.S. and Canada, which makes interference with its reception quite common.

Besides having it’s own website player, CKNW is also available as a stream via the TuneIn.Com app and via satellite (Canada only) and digital radio via Shaw Cable. You can also listen to the station using most internet radio players, stream player software and operating systems.