Dark Matter Radio Network Live Stream

Dark Matter live, streaming internet radio

The Dark Matter Radio Network is a free, live radio stream broadcast by Keith Rowland, an Internet engineer that formerly worked as Art Bell’s Webmaster. In essence, the station streams and replays a variety of different syndicated talk radio shows. The majority of these are time-shifted rebroadcasts that focus on paranormal and esoteric subjects such as UFO’s, psychics, remote viewing, crop circles, ESP, ghosts and unexplained paranormal sightings. However, the station does air some of its programming as a live stream as well.

Some of the radio shows currently on the station’s stream include: Dark City, Dreamland, Real Ghost Stories, Dr. J Radio, The Farside and Off the Grid. They also air “classic” re-runs of the original Art Bell Radio Show. The station’s location is officially listed as being in the country of Panama. However, that seems doubtful. The owner/operator Keith Rowland is said to be living somewhere in the Southwest United States. He invites suggestions for the addition of new shows and can be contacted via his Homepage at https://plus.google.com/+KeithRowland/posts

Whatever their true place of origin, the station provides a free, high-quality stream of talk radio programs in a variety of listening formats. We have not heard any commercials on the station that do not come from the original programmers, which seems fairly minimal, but they do accept outside advertising.

Dark Matter Radio Network is available in a wide variety of streaming formats including MP3, PLS and Windows Media. Therefore, you should be able to listen to the station’s stream using most internet radios and computer operating systems.

Update: DarkMatterRadio.Com is now the primary stream provider for the NEW Art Bell show Midnight in the Desert. The show runs each night LIVE from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. PST. Art Bell’s new show can also be accessed via TuneIn.Com by accessing Dark Mater Radio’s page on that website.

In addition, Dark Matter Radio is carrying another new show Richard Hoagland’s The Other Side of Midnight, which airs immediately following the Art Bell show from 12 a.m. PST to 1:00 a.m. PST. Hoagland, a popular scientist who formerly worked for NASA and has written such books as The Pyramids of Mars, covers much of the same subjects as Art Bell, with a much heavier emphasis on space-related topics.

Dark Matter Radio has also changed the URLs of most of their internet radio streams, which can be found on their station page. It still supports MP3 and AAC streams, but has dropped support for their Windows Media (.asx) stream. However, you should still be able to tune-in the station using most internet radio appliances as well as VLC software, which is supported on a wide variety of computer and smartphone operating systems. We have also updated to the new stream using our sitewide SIRS website player, so your favorite Dark Matter Radio broadcasts should now load every time you access their profile page at http://www.streaminginternetradiostations.com/dark-matter-radio/.