Immaculate Heart Radio Network

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The Immaculate Heart Radio Network currently consists of 15 privately-owned radio stations in North America most of which are located in the state of California. It operates as a not-for-profit entity and depends entirely on donations made by listeners for financial support.

The network’s format is a mix of talk call-in shows and informational shows based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Although the network adheres to church teachings it is not owned by the Roman Catholic Church itself. Additionally, the network also provides two independent streaming feeds of inspirational music that are not available via their regular broadcast stations.

In addition to its broadcast stations, the network maintains a number of separate streaming radio feeds as well as being available as an app for Android or iPhone smartphone users. It also broadcasts a live network stream on the iHeartRadio Network.

Currently, the network operates broadcast stations in the following markets. Unless noted, all stations are in the State of California.

  • KSMH Sacramento
  • KWG Stockton
  • KJOP Lemoore-Fresno
  • KHOT Madera-Fresno
  • KJPG Bakersfield
  • KPJP Quincy
  • KXXQ Gallup
  • KSFB San Francisco
  • KIHH Eureka
  • KIHU Salt Lake City, Utah
  • KIHP Phoenix, Arizona
  • KNRY Monterey
  • KCEO San Diego
  • KNIH Las Vegas, Nevada
  • KIHC Central Coast

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Immaculate Heart Radio Sacramento Stream (mp3)

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