KFRM Farm Talk Radio, 550 AM, Clay Center, KS

KFRM Farm Talk Radio

KFRM is a 5,000 Watt AM radio station located in Clay Center, Kansas. It’s programming mainly consists of local and nationally syndicated conservative talk radio programs and agriculture news. It first went on the air in 1986 and previously used a station ID of KNNN. KFRM is currently owned and operated by Taylor Communications and broadcasts 24 hours a day.

Although the AM station powers-up to 5,000 Watts during the daytime, at night it is limited to a total output of 110 Watts, which is little more than the output of an old-fashioned light-bulb. Needless to say, their signal can be a bit difficult to catch in the evening hours. Fortunately, the station is streamed across the internet 24/7 in a variety of formats including .mp3, Windows Media and AAC. This means that listeners can tune-in to the station anytime using most internet radios, browsers and computer operating systems. The station is also available via TuneIn.Com which is available for smartphones as an app.

Central to KFRM’s programming is the morning Farm Market Report. Farmers can keep up-to-date on the latest exchange and commodity prices every morning from the opening bell to the close of the business day. The station also airs news from the AP Radio Network at the top of each hour. Some of the local talk radio and informational programming include shows such as Kansas Journal Report, AG Perspectives and the Downing Report.