KGO News Talk Radio, 810 AM, San Francisco, California

KGO News Talk Radio 810 AM San Francisco California USA

KGO News Talk Radio is a clear channel 50,000 Watt AM Radio broadcaster located in San Francisco, California. The station is not only notable for being one of the most powerful AM radio stations in the western hemisphere, but for its long and historic run as pioneer in radio.

KGO first went on the air as part of the NBC Radio Network in 1924. It was one of three full-power stations specifically built by the network to blanket the entire country. The NBC Radio Network was eventually broken up into two divisions, one of which eventually turned into the ABC Radio Network, which KGO is still an affiliate of to this day. For most of its history the station was owned by ABC and ran a talk radio format with network news broadcast each hour and local news, sports, weather and traffic reports broadcast throughout the day. Throughout most of its reign, KGO was the top rated radio station for the entire San Francisco area, besting its competitors even during the height of the FM radio station era.

In 2011 the station was sold to a company that eventually became Cumulus Media. Upon completion of the sale in December 2011, Cumulus moved to dramatically overhaul the station, which included the immediate firing of almost all of KGO’s on-air personalities. Many of its talk show hosts were household names in the San Francisco Bay Area and were popular radio fixtures to listeners in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other countries that the station reached with its 50,000 Watt signal. The format was changed to 24 hour news with some occasional sports programming in the form of college football games played by the University of California Golden Bears. The station had also previously broadcast play-by-play for the NFL team San Francisco 49ers, but dropped that programming in 2005.

Since 2011, KGO has plummeted in the ratings amid boycotts by long-time listeners. In 2014 it decided to re-introduce talk radio programming to its lineup, for which it hired new on-air personalities. The station has not regained its popularity thus far though.

For those who are unable to tune into the station on 810 KHz AM, the station maintains a live stream which is available via a pop-up player on their homepage or via the iHeartRadio app for smartphones. The feed is not available in any other streaming formats, so it can not be played on most internet radios or by using streaming player software.

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