KIUL News Talk Radio 1240 AM, Garden City, Kansas

KIUL news talk radio Kansas

KIUL News Radio is a 1,000 Watt AM radio station located in Garden City, Kansas. The station has been serving southwestern Kansas since it first went on the air in 1947. KIUL also maintains a translator station on 1310 KHz that broadcasts its programs using a 500 Watt transmitter.

KIUL is part of a local network of stations owned by Streckline Communications. Referred to as The Mid-America Ag Network it consists of KIUL in Garden City, KGGS AM 1340 in Garden City, KQAM AM 1480 in Wichita, KGBL 100.9 FM in Garden City, KYUL AM 1340 in Scott City and KGYN 1210 in Guymon, Oklahoma. The stations share some local news, talk radio shows and have an overlap of nationally syndicated talk radio programming.

KIUL’s format is mainly conservate talk radio, news (especially agriculture news) and a bit of sports and sports talk programming. KIUL is also an affiliate of Fox News Radio, ESPN Sports Radio, Premiere Radio Networks and Westwood One. Some of its popular talk radio shows include Glenn Beck, Laura Ingram, Dennis Miller, Michael Savage, John Gibson and Coast To Coast AM with George Noory. KIUL also broadcasts play-by-play of games from the National Football League (NFL) as well as NCAA football and basketball. On weekends it provides live coverage of NASCAR.

KIUL is available as a live stream in .pls format, which can be tuned-in using most internet radio players as well as being available via TuneIn.Com for use on computers, smartphones and tablets. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day and is an important local resource for weather alerts and agriculture updates.