TalkSuperStation.Com – The Internet’s Talk Superstation

talksuperstation talk radio

TalkSuperStation.Com is an internet-only broadcaster that carries a number of syndicated popular talk radio programs usually broadcast on AM radio stations throughout the country. Some of the station’s more popular show hosts include Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, ManCow, Marilu Henner, Howie Carr, Alex Jones, The Dana Show and Michael Medved. Not only are some of the nation’s most popular talk radio hosts represented, but there is a wide variety of much lesser-known talk show hosts available as well. Pretty much anyone who enjoys talk radio will find something to choose from.

Although not available over-the-air, those with web, smartphone or internet radio appliance access can tune to TalkSuperStation.Com to access its 64KBps stream in a wide variety of streaming formats. The station currently supports streaming formats such as Windows Media, RealAudio, ShoutCast, QuickTime, WinAmp, iTunes, as a .pls stream or on the web via TuneIn.Com. At least one of these streams should be compatible with almost any brand of internet radio as well as computer operating systems.

The station maintains a Facebook Page at, but little other information about the station’s operation seems to be available. Noticeably absent are the names of station operators and address or phone number. Their only point of contact seems to be via Facebook.

Aside from their mystery ownership, the station maintains a very reliable, high-quality audio feed featuring a number of very popular talk radio shows. The feed is available for free 24/7 and has been in operation since 2007.