WCPT AM-FM, Progressive Talk Radio, Chicago, IL

WCPT Progressive Talk Radio

WCPT Progressive Talk Radio broadcasts around-the-clock news and talk radio programs from Chicago, IL. The station broadcasts on both 820 AM as well as 92.5 on the FM band.

In addition, the broadcaster is also on 92.7 FM- Monday-Thursday 7pm-5am, and Saturday and Sunday 5am-7pm and 99.9 FM- Monday-Thursday 7pm-5am, and Saturday and Sunday 5am-7pm. During the off-hours, the latter stations broadcast programming in the Polish language.

For internet users, WCPT can be heard in a number of streaming formats, one of which should be supported on almost any computer or internet radio player. WCPT has regularly scheduled national news updates on the hour and in the interim broadcasts a number of both local and nationally syndicated progressive talk show programs. The station’s current talk show lineup includes The Bill Press Show, Democracy Now!, The Stephanie Miller Show and The Alan Colmes Show.

WCPT is one of the rare exceptions to the established trend of most talk radio stations in the United States airing conservative talk shows. Nowhere in the station’s lineup will you find anything resembling conservative talk radio programming.

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